Area Wellness Doctor Launches Life Coaching Speaking Series

Naples, Florida, March 27th, 2018- Local wellness physician, Dr. Corey Howard of Howard Health and Wellness announces the start of his speaking series on Saturday, March 31st. This interactive session will be fun, entertaining and possibly life changing.  Registration is at 8:30 AM with the event starting at approximately 9 AM and ending at 12:30-1 PM.  This event will help interested attendees live a more fulfilled life.

The event will take place at Howard Health and Wellness on Goodlette Road in Naples. Dr. Howard is looking to help you improve your life and your health. His life coaching event will go in depth about what skills you can use to better your life to achieve your dreams and goals. He plans on hosting these educational and life changing events throughout the year.

Originally trained in Psychiatry, he then completed a residency in Internal Medicine followed by advanced fellowship training in digestive diseases and nutrition.  Dr. Corey switched gears to focus on well-being after noticing that the healthcare system was focused on disease treatment through pills and procedures rather than focusing on the individual and what they can do for themselves.

 After going through a major lifestyle change himself which resulted in him becoming an Ironman triathlete he then started Howard Health and Wellness ( Dr. Corey now helps others to achieve true health and teaches how to Live Beyond Well using the same success formula that he did. By shifting health through nutrition and exercise, mindfulness and understanding and why we do what we do, Dr. Howard goes beyond the traditional methods of medicine to focus on the root causes of health problems.  Dr. Corey creates comprehensive and individualized programs for his patients based on their unique needs.

Dr. Corey speaks about what he hopes to achieve in his life coaching series.

“True health starts with you.  It is important to define what you want and why you want it.  I look forward to reaching anyone who is looking to change their lives and learn to Live Beyond Well.  I believe that when people leave my event they will feel inspired and motivated to change their life for the better,” he says.

To sign up for Dr. Howard’s life coaching event on March 31st, please visit, or call his office to reserve your seat today, (239) 325-6504.

About Us

Dr. Corey brings multiple dimensions to his philosophy and business of Lifestyle Medicine and Life Coaching . Founder and Director of Howard Health & Wellness in Naples, Florida, he brings extensive expertise to his clients, offering programs designed to help people live a better life. He is also an inspirational speaker and mentor to many who want to change and become the architect of their own lives.


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