Hormone Replacement Therapy May Be the Best Solution for Your Menopausal Symptoms

Hormone Replacement Therapy May Be the Best Solution for Your Menopausal Symptoms

You may have recently entered menopause or be on the cusp of that stage of life. Some women have a smooth transition to menopause, but as your estrogen level drops, you may suffer from extreme hot flashes, night sweats, vaginal dryness, sleeping problems, and more.

 Board-certified internal medicine and hormone specialist,  Corey Howard, MD, at Howard Health and Wellness,  brings exceptional expertise to his patients in Naples, Florida, who are going through menopause. 

Menopausal symptoms can disrupt your life

Hot flashes are a common symptom of menopause. With them you feel a sudden rush of extreme heat in your chest and back that rises to your head and neck, followed by flushing and sweating through your clothing. Hot flashes may drench your clothes and cause sweat to drip down your neck and back. Night sweats can soak the bed and affect your sleeping habits. 

Sometimes hot flashes diminish a few months after menopause, but they can last for more than a decade in many women. These symptoms can make everyday life more difficult and significantly impact your sexual activity and, ultimately, your intimate relationship. 

Lifestyle remedies may not work

Home remedies for these menopausal symptoms include avoiding caffeine, alcohol, hot drinks, and highly spiced foods; dressing in layers so you can remove outer layers; and doing deep-breathing exercises when the hot flashes begin. But do you really want to give up things you enjoy? Is there an alternative to giving up your morning coffee, forgoing wine tastings when you join friends at a winery, and heaping on pullover sweaters? 

Hormone replacement therapy is a good option for many women

It’s helpful to know what your options are when symptoms occur. Dr. Howard follows the menopause guidelines of the North American Menopause Society, the American Society for Reproductive Medicine, and The Endocrine Society; these professional medical societies agree that hormone replacement therapy (HRT) is a good option for relieving menopause symptoms in most healthy women who’ve recently entered menopause. 

Who can take hormone replacement therapy? 

Experts agree that HRT is a good option when you’re a healthy woman who has menopausal symptoms that disrupt your life, any time from the start of menopause up to a time period within 10 years. For example, if you enter menopause at age 52, HRT is an option up to around age 62. However, there are many exceptions which you can discuss directly with Dr. Howard. 

Research indicates that the most effective treatment for hot flashes and vaginal dryness is HRT. Dr. Howard reviews your medical history and decides whether you’re a good candidate for this therapy. If you are a candidate, and if you’ve had your uterus removed from a hysterectomy, you may take estrogen-only therapy.However, most of the time Dr. Howard works to balance your hormones to reach your best state.   If you still have your uterus, Dr. Howard prescribes estrogens plus progesterone. 

If your main symptom is vaginal dryness during intercourse, and if pharmacy lubricants don’t work for you, Dr. Howard offers HRT in many forms:

Research on HRT 

Estrogen comes in various forms — for example, transdermal  and intravaginal application with creams,  patches applied to the skin and pellet insertion therapy.  There is ongoing research into how and when to best use Hormone Replacement Therapy.  You can discuss this with Dr. Howard at the time of your appointment. 

You don’t need to endure bothersome menopausal symptoms. Book a consultation with Dr. Howard by phone at 239-331-2285 or use the online booking tool

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