Howard Health and Wellness Launches Seminar Series

Naples, Florida, January 15th, 2018- Wellness physician Dr. Corey Howard of Howard Health & Wellness, announces the launch of a new transformative seminar series. Doctor Howard’s practice offers such services as, consultations, telemedicine, concierge medicine, Life/Health coaching and healthy living tools. The first seminar will be held on January 17, 2018 at his office in Naples and will address an overview of healthy living. It is free to the public.

During his first seminar he will give attendees tools on how to live beyond well everyday, and how making the smallest life changes can have the greatest impact. Doctor Howard hopes to catapult his first seminar into a string of longer, and more impactful lectures. He will host plant-based cooking classes, hour-long mindfulness sessions, and live inspirational events.

In 2005, Doctor Howard was stressed out, overweight and out of shape. At this point, Dr. Howard realized he needed to drastically change his lifestyle. He changed his gastroenterology practice in order to focus on wellbeing, and then spent the next few years helping others achieve the same success he did. He was able to shift their health through nutrition and exercise. By helping others, his commitment to alter peoples’ lives through wellness and a positive mindset strengthened. Initially his business was built upon general medicine and primary care, he then created Howard Health & Wellness ( as a place to grow in mind, body and spirit and Live Beyond Well™.

Dr. Howard speaks about the launch of this seminar series and what he hopes to accomplish.

“I am really looking forward to being able to transform peoples’ lives through my wellness practice. I will have cooking classes, mindfulness sessions and additional speaking engagements, where I can change more lives,” he says.

To sign up for Dr. Howard’s free seminar on January 17th, please visit or you can call his office and reserve your seat, (239) 325-6504.

About Us

Dr. Corey brings multiple dimensions to his philosophy and business of Lifestyle Medicine. Founder and Director of Howard Health & Wellness in Naples, Florida, he brings this multi-dimensional expertise to his clients, offering programs designed to help people live a better life. He is also an inspirational speaker and mentor to many who want to change and become the architect of their own lives. His practice believes on taking an approach to wellbeing in a natural and healthy way.


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