Naples Wellness Doctor Launches New Health Practice

Naples, Florida, November 29th, 2017— Naples wellness doctor, Dr. Corey Howard announces the launch of Howard Health & Wellness, formerly known as Physicians Life Centers. Dr. Corey Howard, MD, FACP, Founder of Howard Health & Wellness and President-Elect of the Florida Medical Association has been coaching clients on living a better life, combining his 25 years of experience in his training in anti-aging, nutrition and internal medicine. His office is located on Goodlette Road in Naples.

Concierge medical care is the primary service offered by Howard Health & Wellness ( which consists of consultations, such as lifestyle, weight management and nutrition evaluations. Dr. Howard also provides hormone therapy consultations for men and women and proudly introduces telemedicine for those who can’t make it into the office. In addition to these core services, Dr. Howard offers healthy living events, such as healthy cooking classes and mindfulness sessions. He also provides ongoing healthy living tools through recipes, newsletters and speaking engagements.

Dr. Howard offers highly personalized, holistic care to his patients, emphasizing relationships, fitness, nutrition, stress management and mindfulness. His journey toward true health, stemmed from a realization when mountain biking in 2005, where in an unhealthy state, he found himself not able to keep up, which came as an awakening that his life was in dire need of change. Taking what he knew as a medical professional, Dr. Howard made it his mission to not only make a change in his life, but to help others lead healthy, fulfilling lives and live beyond well. Dr. Howard enjoys spending his free time with his wife, prominent Naples dermatologist Cyndi Yag-Howard, MD, FAAD, and their three children.

 He speaks about founding Howard Health & Wellness and what he hopes for the future.

“My goal is to take evidence-based medicine and make it understandable and attainable for those seeking a healthy lifestyle. My wish for patients is for them to feed their mind, body and spirit, so that they can add life to their years and years to their lives,” he says.

About Howard Health & Wellness

Focused on you and your health, Howard Health & Wellness is a concierge medical service that understands the importance of living a good life. Through such services as lifestyle consultations, weight management and hormone therapy consultations, Howard Health & Wellness is there for patients who are ready to transform their lives.

To learn more about Howard Health & Wellness, please contact Dr. Corey Howard at (239) 325-6504 or email Also, please visit for more information.


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