Top 5 Benefits Of A Plant-Based Diet

There are numerous physical and mental benefits of adopting a plant-based diet. Going plant-based doesn’t mean you have to eat kale for breakfast, lunch and dinner and then have sad dreams about pepperoni pizza. There are a plethora of plant-based meal and snack options that are delicious. You can even enjoy plant-based alternatives of your favorites such as pizza and ice cream! Here are our top 5 benefits of a plant-based diet:

Diabetes Prevention

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention show that 29 million Americans have diabetes. Prediabetes is even more common, estimated that 86 million Americans have the conditions leading to diabetes. Type 2 diabetes is preventable, and there is an abundance of research that shows it can be prevented and managed through a plant-based diet.

Hypertension Control

One out of three Americans suffers from high blood pressure, which increases your risk for heart disease. A vegetarian diet high in fiber helps lower blood pressure, slowing the absorption of food in the body and helps you feel full for a longer period of time. Some of the best high fiber plant-based foods are:

Lower Risk of Cancer

A 2012 analytical study showed that vegetarians had lower cancer rates. Animal foods, genetically modified organisms and artificial flavoring have been linked to cancer; however, adopting a plant-based diet also boosts the immune system. It also provides the body with powerful antioxidants that help to prevent the creation of cancer cells in the body.

Heart Health

One of the main benefits you can get from a plant-based diet is lower cholesterol. It’s not that plants are “low in cholesterol,” plants actually contain no cholesterol. A Harvard study showed that the more fruits and vegetables a person is eating, the lower their chances were for developing cardiovascular disease. On a plant-based diet, you are lowering your sugar, salt and fat intake which all contribute to cardiovascular issues when consumed in high quantities.

Weight Loss

Weight loss comes naturally when you lower your fat and sugar intake and consume foods high in fiber, vitamins and minerals. Choosing fruits and vegetables high in fiber will have you feeling fuller off fewer calories. Research shows that vegetarians and vegans typically consumer fewer calories, and weigh less. A plant-based diet will also help keep you away from junk food and sugary drinks high in fat and high fructose corn syrup.

So, now that you know that a plant-based diet can prevent diabetes, lower your blood pressure, reduce your risk for heart disease, lower your risk of cancer, and help you lose weight, you’re probably wondering… well where do I start? Choosing a plant-based diet doesn’t have to be all or nothing. Why not start by trying a “Meatless Mondays,” where you take one day to find fun plant-based version of your favorite food. Be sure to choose organic, clean whole-foods to get all the benefits of a plant-based diet.

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