Top Advantages Of Obtaining A Concierge Doctor

With all the hustle and bustle in the medical world, wouldn’t it be nice to find a doctor that had enough time to focus on your personal needs? Concierge medicine is a type of personalized, medical care in which a patient has full access to contact their doctor at all times. Concierge doctors take a special interest into their patients’ needs by working with them on long-term health issues rather than only treating illness. Patients who work with concierge doctors generally receive more in-depth and better services. Here are 5 advantages of having a concierge doctor:

Personalizing Your Health Goals

Most people only see their doctor when they have a cold or need a prescription filled. Concierge doctors focus on preventing illness rather than reacting to it. Your concierge doctor will work closely with you to help you achieve your personal goals. Concierge doctors also focus on specialty areas such as:

Receiving Focused Attention on You

Concierge doctors have a limited number of patients so that each patient they have can be evaluated individually and thoroughly. Concierge doctors won’t keep you waiting and then rush you out; they will provide you with all of the care and attention you need to meet your health goals. Concierge doctors also have the time to evaluate your entire medical history, which will help them identify underlying issues, and work on preventing further health complications.

Having All Aspects of Patient Care are Covered

When you visit a traditional physician, they have very limited time to diagnose your illness, prescribe your medicine, and move on to the next patient. The physician is only focusing on one symptom or ailment, rather than evaluating you as a whole. To complete an entire health evaluation you would need to visit several specialists. At a concierge service, you receive full coverage care, including hormonal therapy, diet and exercise, and even lifestyle evaluation. A concierge doctor will look at your nutritional and metabolic needs and order tests accordingly.

Reducing Your Out of Pocket Medical Expenses

By investing in your health now, there is no telling how much money you are saving long term on medical bills and unexpected doctor visits. Also, since traditional doctors have less time to spend with patients, they may run tests you don’t need which will end up having a high expense.

Contacting Your Concierge Doctor at Any Time

One huge benefit of choosing a concierge doctor is access to your physician. Many concierge doctors will always be available to their patients whether it is call, text, or Email. Concierge doctors are readily available to their patients, and many arrange next-day appointments as needed.

Overall, concierge medicine is a more in-depth and higher quality level of service than traditional medical care. So, what is the right choice for you? If you would like a more concentrated treatment and wellness plan that also focuses on lifestyle goals, than medicine may be for you.


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