What is Telemedicine?

Picture not having to walk into a doctor’s office for basic care. You can receive medical care and attention from the comfort of your living room with ease. Now, this easy doctor patient interaction can be done using telemedicine. Telemedicine allows Dr. Howard to assess, diagnose and form a treatment for his patients at a distant using a web-based technology that can be accessed through your computer or phone. Telemedicine can be used for some initial sick care visits or follow up sick visits.

Basic Consultations

Telemedicine can be used to diagnose and treat many health issues such:




Acid reflux

Urinary Tract Infections

 To see more conditions Dr. Howard cares for using telemedicine, look here. The process is easy. You would log onto the website and complete the consultation form which will describe the reason you want to be seen, your past medical history, medications, supplementation you are using, allergies and habits. Dr. Howard will review the forms and then schedule a time to meet that works for you. Payment is due at the time of service. Prescriptions, if needed, will be sent directly to your pharmacy. X-rays or other basic imaging tests may be ordered as well. If necessary, Dr. Howard may suggest that your issues are beyond the scope of the visit and suggest that you see a physician live, go to urgent care or even to the emergency room. 

Follow up

After your appointment, you can follow up with Dr. Howard if you feel you need further care or have questions. Generally, Dr. Howard’s telemedicine service is not used for management of chronic illness.

Benefits of Telemedicine

Being able to sit down with Dr. Howard face-to-face is optimal, but being able to have a consult when you are sick from home, work or while you travel is the most appealing factor of telemedicine. A telemedicine consultation can save you time and give you direct access to Dr. Howard for some basic healthcare needs.

Telemedicine gives you and Dr. Howard a communication stream in real time. It is important to note that you cannot use applications like Facetime or Skype when using telemedicine services. You must use a platform that has been designed to protect your confidentiality and has met the HIPAA requirements.

At Howard Health and Wellness our telemedicine services give our patients access to Doctor Corey regardless of their location. Through phone and video consultations, lab work and at-home treatments, Doctor Corey can build a program, specifically tailored to addressing your medical needs. Schedule an appointment with him today to see if his telemedicine services are right for you. Call (239) 325-6504 or visit https://www.howardhealthandwellness.com/ to learn more.

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