Why Hormone Replacement Therapy Might be Right for You

Why Hormone Replacement Therapy Might be Right for You

Hormones regulate everything from sleep to appetite, and when any of them are out of whack, it can throw different body systems off balance. When it comes to sex hormone imbalance, some women and men glide through mid-life with little to no problems, while others may experience a profound disruption to their well-being. When your hormones are significantly imbalanced and you’re suffering with a lot of symptoms, hormone replacement therapy (HRT) can help you feel like yourself again.

At Howard Health and Wellness in Naples, Florida, we believe that everyone deserves to feel great no matter your age . Our board-certified internal medicine physician and hormone specialist Corey Howard, MD,FACP, FMNM, FAARFM helps men and women regain and maintain optimal wellness with pellet therapy.

Dr. Howard offers comprehensive hormone evaluation and HRT to treat hormone imbalance. A blood testing and either urinary or saliva testing is all that’s needed to check your hormones. Once it’s clear that you have a hormone imbalance, Dr. Howard will create an individualized treatment plan. We’ve put together some information that may point to pellet therapy being the right option for you. 

How To Tell If You have moderate to severe hormone imbalance symptoms

Women with hormone imbalance may experience a range of symptoms, including:

If these symptoms are significant enough to interfere with your everyday life, it’s wise to discuss your symptoms with Dr. Howard. For some women, hormone imbalance symptoms disrupt their productivity at work, interfere with their social lives, and complicate their family life. You don’t have to suffer in silence, we can help.

Men with low testosterone may experience:

Low testosterone affects close to 40% of men aged 45 and over. If you feel like you’ve lost your sex drive and vitality, pellet therapy can help restore your vigor. 

Bioidentical hormone replacement

Dr Howard offers bioidentical hormone replacement. Because the structure of the replacement hormone and the hormone your body creates naturally are identical, your results are excellent.

Bioidentical hormones fit into hormone receptors of your body, and the body uses them as it would its own natural hormones. Dr Howard believes that replacing the hormones your body no longer makes with hormones that have an identical structure has a distinct benefit over traditional synthetic hormone replacement therapy.

Risks of hormone deficiency

It's important to consider that the symptoms of hormone imbalance aren't just little annoyances that you must learn to live with. Hormone imbalance can have major health ramifications.

Sex hormones play a role in keeping your bones strong and your heart healthy. Deficiency raises the risk of heart disease and bone loss and can lead to osteoporosis in both men and women. If left untreated, your chances of developing certain health issues rise.

Pellet therapy

Bioidentical pellet therapy allows our team to tailor your treatment to your individual needs. A pellet the size of a grain of rice is injected under the skin where it releases just the right amount of hormones to bring things back into balance. It’s effective and low maintenance. In general, women will need to return to the office every 3-4 months to have their pellets replaced, while men will need replacement twice yearly.

Dr. Howard determines the initial dose based on lab findings and makes modifications to get you back on track. After four to six weeks, he may retake labs and examine your symptoms to ensure the right dosage.

Growing older doesn't have to mean coping with symptoms that make you feel bad and make it difficult to function normally. If you feel like your hormones are out of whack or you aren't feeling like yourself, contact our office to schedule a hormone evaluation with Dr. Howard. We look forward to helping you reclaim your vitality!

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