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Howard Health And Wellness

Corey Howard MD, FACP

1048 Goodlette Road, Suite 101, Naples, FL 34102


Get the Most out of life with...


Personalized, expert medical care by Dr. Corey Howard. Experience the health and wellness services you need and want.

Speciality Consultations

Your individual needs in areas such as hormone therapy, lifestyle, weight management, nutrition and more will be addressed and you will come away with a life-changing strategy and plan.

Healthy Living Tools
ongoing motivation

Healthy living tools help you to maintain your success and reach your goals. Through mindfulness sessions, cooking classes and seminars, we give you the tools needed to live beyond well.

Virtual Visit


Experience personal attention from Dr. Corey Howard whether you're in Southwest Florida or abroad. Dr. Howard’s telemedicine services include general health issues, hormone care (for established patients) and more.


Get to Know Dr. Corey Howard

As a physician, speaker, author and coach, Dr. Howard brings these  multiple dimensions to his philosophy and business of true health and wellness.  Founder and Director of Howard Health & Wellness in Naples, Florida, he treats and cares each one of his patients the way you want and deserve to be cared for. He will work with you to not only care for your general medical needs but also address ways to help you live a better life. He speaks nationally on a variety of topics including how to live beyond well, the gut microbiome, nutrition, exercise,  corporate/workplace wellness and many more.  He addresses  small groups or large audiences and his inspirational and motivational style combined with his entertaining delivery making events both educational and fun. 

 "The result I am most interested in is helping others understand that they are the architect of their own lives and that true health is for everyone.”

Learn More: About Dr. Howard

"I have known Dr. Corey Howard for nearly 25 years. He did not ask me to write this but I am compelled to do so. He is extremely bright, creative and dynamic. He shares uncommon insights and wisdom delivered in an entertaining and riveting way. Many are aware that health is mostly about lifestyle and Dr. Howard feels that deeply understanding the principles of lifestyle medicine is not only key to health but also to happiness."