Concierge Medical Care


At Howard Health & Wellness, we accept a limited number of patients for our concierge medical services so that patients can receive the most comprehensive and personalized medical care and so that we can be more responsive to your needs. Consider Howard Health & Wellness as your guide to health.


Concierge Medical Services

Our ongoing care services include:

  • Same day or next day medical appointments
  • Extended time with Dr. Corey to address your needs
  • Personal access to Dr. Corey via cell phone, e-mail, text, and visits
  • Coordination with subspecialists or ancillary health care providers
  • Annual preventive care physical examination, including comprehensive health history
  • Ordering of appropriate tests
  • Comprehensive wellness counseling with direct 1:1 coaching sessions

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If you're ready to live better and embrace wellness, contact us today. We are ready to help you live beyond well.


The focus of these services is on your HEALTH and WELLNESS to prevent and potentially reverse disease. Dr. Corey uses his expertise and experience in digestive diseases, nutrition, internal medicine, anti-aging medicine, regenerative medicine and cooking to help you achieve optimal health.