Live Beyond Well.

We approach health a little differently here at Howard Health & Wellness. We go beyond traditional medical thinking and focus on the root causes of the problems we face. These include your nutrition, your fitness, how well and how much you sleep, your stress levels and how your environment plays a role in your overall health as well as all aspects of general medical care. Utilizing the newest technologies and science during Dr. Corey's evaluations, with the result being a comprehensive and individualized program for you.


We provide individualized services for our unique patients, including:

  • Concierge medical care
  • Health and Wellness coaching
  • Lifestyle consultations
  • Medical review of current care 
  • Weight management
  • Nutrition evaluation 
  • Hormone therapy consultation
  • Cooking Classes
  • Mindfulness Sessions 
  • Seminars

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About Dr. Corey Howard

Dr. Corey's journey began in 2005, when he found himself over weight, out of shape and over stressed.  He was mountain biking in Park City, Utah with his wife and his best friend, and just could not keep up. This was when Dr. Corey realized that something needed to change. Dropping his gastroenterology practice to focus on health and wellness, Dr. Corey spent the next several years caring for many people who seemed grateful for the kind of care he provided.  He focused on their health through nutrition and always talked about fitness.  By then, Dr. Corey himself was regularly training (running, biking and swimming), lost almost 50 pounds and was working with several athletes, specifically on their nutrition for endurance sports.  Dr. Corey became an Ironman triathlete in 2009. This endeavor taught him a substantial amount about nutrition and sports medicine, and strengthened his commitment to help others discover the transformative power of lifestyle.

Dr. Corey brings multiple dimensions to his philosophy and business of Lifestyle Medicine, asserting the need for a more proactive approach - comprehensive programs focused on overall health, the prevention of disease, and the attainment of optimal health and wellness. It was when healthcare began to focus less on prevention and more on prescriptions that Dr. Corey decided to make his desire to take evidence-based medicine and make it understandable and fun while teaching people how to live a healthy life. Dr. Corey focuses on the need for his clients to be empowered and to take responsibility for their health. While his business was initially built upon a foundation of general medicine with the majority of his patients viewing him as their primary care provider, he created Howard Health & Wellness as a place to grow in mind, body and spirit and live beyond well. He is an inspirational speaker and mentor to many who want to change and become the architect of their own lives, and is also a published author (fiction) and accomplished jazz musician.