Bioidentical Hormone Replacement With Pellet Therapy

Bioidentical Hormone Replacement With Pellet Therapy

Bioidentical Hormone Replacement With Pellet Therapy

An Overview

Bioidentical hormone replacement pellets are small (rice sized) and are placed under the skin to release a specific, measured amount of hormones.  Pellet therapy delivers consistent and physiologic (meaning what your body would make) levels of hormones and can last for several months.  Both estradiol and testosterone are available in pellet form. 

Pellet Protocol

During your initial consultation Dr. Howard will take a detailed history including discussing nutrition and fitness and then order baseline testing which may be from the blood, saliva and/or urine.  This testing helps to determine which method of hormone regulation may be best for you.  The pellets are placed in the upper buttocks after being numbed with a local anesthetic.  The procedure takes only 10-15 minutes.  The pellets dissolve over time and can last 3-6 months typically.  For women, Dr. Howard strongly recommends balancing estrogens and add progesterone and usually testosterone based on your individual tests.  Additional creams may also be recommended.  Dr. Howard will discuss all of this with you and answer all of your questions regarding hormone therapy.  

What Are The Benefits Of Hormone Therapy?


There are many benefits of hormone pellet therapy for men and women:

  • Improved libido and better sexual performance.  Usually, the first benefits that both men and women on hormone pellet therapy experience are an increased in sex drive and improved sexual performance. 

  • Increased energy and stamina.  This is due to an increase in your metabolism which improves your body's ability to burn fat and turn it into energy. 

  • Helps to build lean muscle mass (especially when testosterone is used)

  • Stronger bones.  Hormone therapy may lead to healthier bones and can decrease your risk of osteopenia/osteoporosis (thinning of your bones) and possible reversal of this common problem. 

  • Improved mood.  There are many issues with mood as it related to your hormones.  Hormone replacement has been shown to improve mood. 

  • Improve memory and cognition.  "Brain fog" is a typical symptom of menopause in women as well as hormone decline in men.  Studies are emerging on the role proper regulation of hormones play with your memory and overall cognition.  

Schedule an appointment today with Dr. Howard to discuss how you can feel your best with bioidentical hormone replacement therapy with pellets.