Providing Everything You Need


Concierge Medicine


Dr Howard provides personalized, individual care specific to your needs and schedule.  

Appointment Availability

  • 24/7 medical care

  • Extended appointment times, most are 45 minutes or longer

  • Appointments with no wait time

  • Same day/next day appointments 

Convenient Services

  • Assistance with medical needs while out of town

  • Comprehensive coordination for all referrals, labs, imaging 

  • Blood draw in office 

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Hormone Replacement Therapy


Hormone levels naturally decline as men as we age and these declines contribute to many problems.  Some of the symptoms include fatigue, low energy levels, a decline in cardiovascular health, neurologic or mental health, immunity, metabolism, menopausal symptoms in women, symptoms of androgen decline (testosterone) in men, osteoporosis and body fat distribution

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Pellet Therapy


Bioidentical hormone replacement pellets are small (rice sized) and are placed under the skin to release a specific, measured amount of hormones.  Pellet therapy delivers consistent and physiologic (meaning what your body would make) levels of hormones and can last for several months.  Both estradiol and testosterone are available in pellet form. 

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Thyroid Management


The thyroid gland helps to regulate your metabolism and when it is low it can lead to may problems including heart issues, weight gain, fatigue, constipation, hair loss and cold/heat intolerance.  When the thyroid is over producing hormone it can lead to palpitations, mood swings, sleeping issues and irritability (to name just a few).  Proper evaluation needs to be performed so that you can optimize your thyroid function. 


Fitness/Nutritional Evaluation


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